Nieuwewerf is a luxury, universal accessible, self-catering guesthouse comprising of two separate fully contained cottages namely Nieuwehuyz and Nieuwerust

Many universal, accessible and green architectural design elements and considerations were incorporated into the planning and construction of Nieuwehuyz and Nieuwerust.  For example, the vertical grab rails in the main bathroom are not obvious as they were integrated with the other architectural design features in the bathroom.


Similar consideration and attention to detail was given to the lighting (natural and artificial), gradients and level differences, under counter accessibility, height of switches and controls, as well as ventilation and climate control.


Level access from the paved parking area to the side entrance and patio is provided.  The bedroom is spacious with a sliding door.  All environmental controls are within reach of the bed.  The bathroom is spacious with a large roll-in shower and equipped with lever taps, adjustable shower head as well as two overhead showers.  The dining area and spacious kitchen lead onto the enclosed courtyard through wide sliding doors.


Nieuwehuyz,  50 Nieuwe Street & Nieuwerust, 48 Nieuwe Street 


 Western Cape, RSA

+27 (71) 095 1442